OpenAI group of programmers will ensure that artificial intelligence will benefit all of humanity. Artificial Intelligence is going to be our biggest and most challenging program to develop because it affects humans and businesses in many different ways.

We have many people and companies working in different areas of artificial intelligence, some companies have lots of money, but lack the talent to be successful. We also have some very brilliant people that understand artificial intelligence in some areas, but don't have the money to market their ideas. This will be a big challenge in the next two years.

Artificial Intelligence is more than just a program because robots need to work like humans in some areas and need special programming and training. One area robots are starting in is the area of sorting garbage because robots are not affected with sickness like humans are.

Filling medical prescriptions can affect humans in different ways and can help one person and cause problems for other people. Artificial intelligence needs very brilliant people that understand the human part of how a program will affect different people in different ways. Some people are saying it could be very dangerous filling a prescription for a patient in some areas without the help of a patients doctor or changing the doctor's prescription.

United Cash Register & Computer Company plan is to study the progress that is being made by developers and companies before we pick a direction to go in. We are going to concentrate on hiring generation three and generation four assembly programs with Cash Register and Point of Sales experience. During these difficult times for businesses with the high fees that credit card companies charge and the advantage with cash discounts or extra charges added on to the bill when paying with a credit card.

Some businesses in the restaurant industry prefer to keep the credit card machine separate from the cash register. When adding another new location, many more franchise operations want to purchase rebuilt Point of Sale Systems that are the same as their other locations. The reason is lower cost when opening another location. This next two years would be a good time to contact United Cash Register & Computer Company. We think we can help you because we have been working with businesses for 50 years.

If you have any questions you can contact us anytime by phone, mail or email.

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